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Honor the Gift, Russell Westbrook’s love letter to Inner City L.A., is now in Kalamazoo.

Born and raised in the Inner City of Los Angeles, Russell Westbrook drew on his experiences when creating Honor the Gift.

Striving to inspire people to live up to their greatness, the label is built on Westbrook’s belief that everyone is blessed with a gift. Grounded in this philosophy, the brand focuses on distinct graphic designs that communicate a strong sense of optimism.


Keen to share his story, Westbrook has woven his beliefs into the label’s core concepts. As a result, Honor the Gift has earned a reputation for pairing thoughtful designs with uncompromising quality. Luxe materials, unique fits, and one-of-a-kind graphics combine to create pieces that celebrate Westbrook’s  faith, ethos, and Inner City roots.


A collection of nuanced tops, bottoms, and printed graphic pieces, both edgy streetwear and elevated staples find a home in Honor the Gift’s catalog. But, even with such a diverse assortment, Westbrook’s vision isn’t diluted.


At Fashion Connection, we’re excited to bring Honor the Gift’s unique outlook to Kalamazoo. If you’re looking to inject some Inner City energy into your wardrobe, you won’t find a more fitting label. And, naturally, if you’re not able to find what you’re looking for, we’ll look for a way to connect you with an item that fits your style.